Latest News | The Street takes notice of digital concerts

springsteen-londonThe Street’s Rocco Pendola has seen the future of rock and roll, and it is live streaming. Pendola, who last month wrote about watching a Springsteen live digital concert, this week notes the somewhat puzzling absence of a number of big music industry players in the live stream realm and the startups (ahem) rushing to fill that void. “The idea of live streaming concerts is nothing short of a money maker…for artists of all scales and sizes and a music industrial complex too hyper-focused on the always has been, always will be dead end of royalties to use modern technology and changing consumer habits to its advantage,” he writes, adding that this may actually be a good thing: “As annoying as it is to see big companies such as Sony miss the obvious way forward, it’s probably best they stay out of it. I’d much rather witness savvy startups take control of these new and exciting areas. The established players would most likely come in and muck things up.”